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Ripple Hate: Is Ripple a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing?

Ripple Hate: Is Ripple a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Ripple Hate: Is Ripple a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Ripple exhibits a few traits that many in the cryptocurrency community do not approve of. Cryptocurrency purists have always judged new coins by a few important factors. On top of that list has always been decentralization . However, one of the bigger coins in the cryptocurrency market has been hiding in plain sight with its centralized nature. But, its recent boom that saw it finish last year as one of top performing crypto assets has seen it garner a lot of hate. What is causing this Ripple in the market? Ripple, a token created by the company of the same name that aims to facilitate transfers between major financial corporations. In this goal, it has seen much success over 2017 with a few major banks partnering with it .

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Theresa May launching the government "Hug a husky" - as the episode came to be known - became one of the defining images representing his attempts to modernise and rebrand the Conservative Party to broaden its appeal. The Conservatives went into the 2010 election promising to be the greenest government in history. Image caption David Cameron drove a dog-sled on the island of Svalbard, Norway, in 2006 There were pledges to reduce emissions, to promote low carbon technology, to conserve natural habitats and an offer of a so-called Green Deal to improve energy efficiency in homes. But once in power, in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, critics say, David Cameron's enthusiasm for the green agenda began to wane, and some questioned his genuine commitment to the cause. The government was preoccupied with reducing the deficit and putting the brakes on public spending, and the Lib Dems took charge of the flagship announcement of the introduction of a 5p tax on plastic bags. There was also a planned sell-off of state-owned woodland in England. In 2013, it was reported that David Cameron had told Downing Street aides to "get rid of all the green crap" - referring to environmental levies on energy bills. And he backed fracking, to the dismay of green campaigners. Image caption David Cameron decided to back fracking After the 2015 election yielded a Conservative majority, the Green Deal for home insulation was scrapped and subsidies for on-shore wind farms came to an end a year earlier than initially planned. Now, Theresa May has decided that championing the environment should, once again, be one of the central themes of a Conservative government.

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